Maysan comes from the word “maisan”or cornfield, before rice fields surrounded Maysan farming is the primary source of living here. Maysan is located at District II of Valenzuela City and considered as residential and industrial zone some of its famous landmark includes The Expo Commercial Center where people can buy furnitures and appliances at a low price, and St. Louis College formerly known as Philippine College of Technological Resources. In old tradition, Maysan Chapel celebrates fiesta every year at May 11, with mass and procession. Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish celebrates Fiesta Every Month of October. The parish includes six-barangay. Barangay Maysan has a Sitio Sto. Rosario named after the Patron Saint. In the earlier day, Barangay Parada belongs to Maysan but people of Barangay Parada decided to separate to become one barangay. Maysan is near Valenzuela City Hall tha is why it is accessible for the people in barangay to do business in the city.

Around 1980’s The humble beginnings of the school, a local day care church, funded by local government unit. The same today’s Grade 1 Teacher Rose Marie Dogas was also said teaching on that day care at that time.

July 7, 1987 Eventually a huge vacant lot beside the Church was bought and donated by:

          Mr. William T. Gatchalian Father of former Valenzuela City Mayor Sherwin “Win” Gatchalian and Valenzuela City’s current Mayor: Rexlon “Rex” Gatchalian. Along with the Sanguniang Brangay:

Dr. Pablo D. Marcelo (Punong Barangay)

Herminio C. Matus (Kalihim)

Maria D. Silvestre (Ingat-Yaman)


Francisco M. Cantillon

Engr. Rogelio D. Serrano

Juanito S. Cabral

Engr. Isaac C. De Zafra

Pedro S. A. Ocampo

Alfredo D. Mendoza

The composition of Barangay officials of Maysan of 1982 – 1989

          Malabo Elementary School. As Construction takes place, the school now continued its learning services under the Department of Education under the name of Malabo Elementary School.

          An ordinance renaming Malabo Elementary School to Sitio Sto. Rosario Elementary School situated in Barangay Maysan Valenzuela City. Where the word Malabo, gives negative conotation for those people who hear and read the word, thus the sctudent feel redicule on the name of their school. The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of Malabo Elementary School Signed a petition letter requesting to change the name of Malabo Elementary School to Sto. Rosario Elementary School. On motion of city councilors ordained to rename of Malabo Elmentary School to Sto. Rosario Elementary School, here as follows the councilors who motion for renaming of the school.

  • Councilor Lorena C. Natividad
  • Councilor Elizabeth Chongco
  • Councilor Marcelino Morelos
  • Councilor Ignacio Santiago
  • Councilor Romero Bularan
  • Councilor Reynaldo Cuadra
  • Councilor Pablo Marcelo
  • Councilor Ritchie Cuadra
  • Hon. Corazon Cortez